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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beautiful daughter, Jadyn sarah ann Snell who was born in leicester,england on April 19, 2006 and fell asleep on May 04, 2006.we love and miss her lots and we want everyone to know who she was,please feel free to light a candle and leave a message xxx 
please look at jadyns video montage i created xxx
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happy 8th birthday angel xxx

               lots of love n hugs coming your way sweetheart xxx

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How much I miss you Jadyn xx   / TaylorJade Shepherd (Cousin)
Jadyn miss and love you everyday baby girl, I'll see you on the other side! my precious baby cousin xxxxxxx
beauty  / Stephanie Kemp (close friend of older sister hannah )
Rest in peace you beautiful angel taken far too soon thoughts are always with your family xzxxxx
star  / Shannon Maxwell (cousin)
twinkle twinkle little star, thats just what you are. shinning brightly above the world so high. your our little diamond in the sky. so near yet so far away, in our hearts you'll always be the little diamond in the sky.
7th birthday without you   / Debbie Graeson (mammy daddy )
If we had one life time wish,
One dream that would come true,
we'd pray so hard
for yesterday and you.
The things we feel so deeply
are the hardest things to say.
But i and your daddy love you
in a ...  Continue >>
easter poem for jadyn xxx   / Mammy Daddy (mammy)
Dear Easter Bunny I just had to write today to see if you'll stop in Heaven as you hop along your way? You see part of us is up there that we miss with all our heart you see our daughter Jadyn is up in heaven and our life is torn apart. So when you t...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
our precious angel  
it all started in early september when we found out i was pregnant and from that very moment you was loved dearly.
when i was 22 weeks pregnant i went for a detailed scan and they saw that you had something wrong with your heart so we had to see a cardiologist,his name was mr ed howarth he was a very nice man who spoke to us about your condition.he explained to us that you had something called congenital heart block which meant your heart was beating far slower than it should,instead of beating 140-160 beats per minute yours heart was only beating 48-50 beats per minute.
then at 27 weeks i had another scan which showed you had a large hole in your heart and this condition was called AVSD so doctors had to moniter you very carefully to make sure you were ok on 12th april another scan showed you were developing fluid in youe skin tissues and this condition was called hydrops so mr howarth decided we ought to start thinking about delivering you as things werent looking to good for you.
we went back for another scan on 18th april and you were a lot worse so mr howarth said we were to deliver you the next day. you were delivered 8 weeks early and were a very poorly little girl.you had to be taken straight up to NICU to be looked at and you were placed on a ventilator straight away to aid your breathing,i never got to hold you.you then got taken to a different hospital where you could get the help you needed i couldnt follow because i'd had a c section so had to wait 2 days before getting to you.
you had to have a pacemaker fitted at 2 days old and it was then they discovered you had more wrong with your heart than they 1st thought ,i.e.it was on your right hand side,back to front plus you had a chamber missing,you developed jaundice really bad (and this shows in your christening pics)we had you christened at 8 days old,your hydrops became worse and all this became to much for our little angel and over the course of 15 days the fight got to much for you and we had to make the decision to let you go.
so on the 4th may 2006 at 6am they took you of the ventilator and let me and daddy cuddle you so you could go peacefully in our arms,this was our 1st proper hold of you,15mins later the doctor came to listen and she told us your heart had slowed right down and it wouldnt be much longer,thats when she took the tube out of you mouth so we could look at your beautiful face properly then at 6.35 i knew you had gone i didnt need the doctor to come and tell me i felt it,the nurse came and took a photo of us holding you then we took you down to the quiet room so we could have some time on our own with you.
after a couple of hours we took you up and got you bathed and dressed into you lovely pink dress,and we took you home so you could be with us until the day we laid you to rest on 9th may 2006,now you run and play with all the other little angels and we light a candle
everyday for you so you will never lose your way,stay safe my darling until we are reunited,we love and miss you lots

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